Shintenchi nakaku,Hiroshima-city Okonomimura 4F 「Okonomi Kyuchan」

Okonomiyaki Kyuchan

Thank you to look at the HP of okonomiyaki Kyu-chan.
Okonomiyaki, as food that is in everyday life in Hiroshima, it has been loved by is referred to as a "okonomiyaki". Hiroshima to "okonomiyaki" is, noodles, meat, eggs, contains a lot of cabbage.
Feature, contains the soba or udon noodles.
Vegetables on top of the dough, are piled up much referred to as the "so many", is very healthy because vegetables center.
Another great feature is, as a topping material, there squid, shrimp, kimchi, chicken, cheese, even such as squid heaven, in winter, there is also such as "oysters" Hiroshima specialty.
On top of the iron plate, and by using a spatula to eat while "Fu~Fu~", the taste will increase even more.
[Delicious way to eat]
Without or turn off crunch the entire first with a spatula, and a bite at a time from the direction of the right-hand side.
During baseball season, you can cheer while watching the Carp of the game relay in two large monitor.
Seats, 15 seats, opening hours are 11:00 to 23:00, we're doing in the Irregular.
When you come to Hiroshima, when it was was this in near you, please come by all means.

The history of the Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki


The beginning of okonomi village of history Hiroshima style, okonomiyaki of history Hiroshima specialty, okonomiyaki, was popular among the common people before the war "Issen yoshoku".
Beaten the flour with water, which was baked to put green onion and interference shrimp, red ginger, etc., it was a presence, such as are feel free to eat such as candy shop in town "snack".
Came to be eaten as a meal, it after the war.
Devise including Shintenchi Plaza, such as in your wife one of the shop using the stalls and home of some of the one yen city, in order to compensate for poor nutrition, cabbage and eggs as ingredients, seafood, buckwheat, such as putting noodles a lap, now in Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki was born.

The history of your Okonomi Village

okonomi villege

After the war, in the stalls of 50 items also of okonomiyaki gathered in Shintenchi Square in central Hiroshima, the hot air and humanity to be applied to the reconstruction of the town was flooded.
Okonomiyaki flourishes around the Minoru Kida of writers who looked at this landscape, is the origin was saying as "It looks like your favorite village like" is the name of the "Okonomi Village".
Stalls next eviction when the square became a park in 1963, two-story profile of prefab-style store "Okonomi Village" was built in Koenmae becomes a thing nationwide, local people to cheer the Carp of course, it became the Hiroshima attractions crowded with such students and the general tourists of school trips to visit from all over the country.
Heisei reborn in high-rise buildings in four years, "Okonomi Village" is now even born at that time and change it with no taste and the lively, we would like to welcome everyone in the friendly atmosphere.

Hiroshima Toyo Carp Baseball Stadium

Hiroshima Toyo Carp baseball stadium