Shintenchi nakaku,Hiroshima-city Okonomimura 4F 「Okonomi Kyuchan」

Access to the Okonomiyaki Kyuchan

広島電鉄 電車

If you take a train

Hiroshima Electric Railway (Streetcar)
About 10 minutes at the Ujina-Eva west Hiroshima and Miyajima flights
"Hatchobori" electric stop getting off, a 3-minute walk

広島電鉄 バス

If you take the Bus

Hiroshima Bus Center and get off at 12 minutes' walk
Hatchobori bus stop a 5-minute walk
Shintenchi bus stop a 3-minute walk

If you use a Car

Please use the nearby paid parking is when traveling by car.

Let's go Okonomiyaki Kyuchan

Big sign of your Okonomi Village is
the mark

You are arriving in your Okonomi Village

Please press the fourth floor of
the elevator

It is a front I opened the elevator.

Full sign of famous people!

It will also come a lot of tourists of
the foreigner.

Access to your Okonomi Village